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JBT AmpCart Towable Charging Station

JBT AmpCart Towable Charging Station

JBT AmpCart Towable Charging Station

Designed by JBT AeroTech, the AmpCart towable charging station speeds your GSE electrification plans — without waiting for lengthy and expensive infrastructure upgrades. Get your electric GSE powered-up, right now, anywhere on the ramp.

Meet your carbon neutrality goals even sooner with the AmpCart towable charging station. As the industry strives to reduce the CO2 footprint at airports, the infrastructure of electric charging points in many cases is not enough for future demand.

JBT offers two solutions that help propel you towards your electrification goals — even when infrastructure is not fully ready.

1. Grid Power Flexibility with AmpCart

AmpCart lets you operate electrical equipment with flexibility by allowing multiple charging stations from a single grid input power source. Connected to existing grid power, it can supply 4 to 6 chargers with 2 output charging cables each, for a total of 8 to 12 charging connectors. The chargers are equipped with swing arms, cables/cable retractors, and ANDERSON A320 connectors.

2. Remote Operations

If your operation is remote, away from terminals or grid power, for example, driving heavy, battery-powered GSE over long distances is not practical. Too much charge is lost to the transit. Driving to the work and leaving a reserve for driving back to a charger consumes a lot of energy leaving little for actual operations. In this configuration, AmpCart can serve as a mobile generator supplying current to 8 – 12 connector cables. This allows for the recharging of electric vehicles parked and operating remotely. Power use is optimized for your operations, maximizing the efficient and widespread use of electric GSE.

3. Back-Up System

AmpCart can also be a back-up system in case there is a power outage, allowing ground equipment to continue normal operations.

4. Combustion Engine Reduction

Electrification and carbon-neutrality are long-term goals. AmpCart helps you along the path to accomplishing those goals. AmpCart facilitates the changeover to all-electric GSE, without unnecessary disruptions. Even in remote operations, where electric GSE is normally not practicable and grid power not available, AmpCart allows for a single engine to replace the 8 to 12 diesel engines of conventional GSE. Resources are used efficiently, green house gases minimized, and your operation is one step closer to carbon neutrality.

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