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Mercury GSE Provides Clyde Dollies for US Postal Service in Hawaii

Securing crucial ground support equipment ahead of the busy holiday season.

Mercury GSE Provides Clyde Dollies for US Postal Service in Hawaii


Mercury Ground Support Equipment recently secured Clyde Dollies to meet the specific needs of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Hawaii. These Clyde Dollies, essential for the efficient handling of cargo and mail will be transported to their destination in Honolulu via the Port of Long Beach.


These dollies play a crucial role in the postal service's logistics operations, facilitating the seamless movement of mail and cargo between aircraft and postal facilities.


Upon their arrival at Honolulu International Airport, the Clyde Dollies will be transferred to cargo facilities, where they will play a vital role in streamlining the USPS's operations in Hawaii. The introduction of these state-of-the-art dollies not only enhances the postal service's efficiency but also demonstrates a commitment to supporting American businesses and industries.


Mercury GSE takes pride in playing a part in this project, which highlights the company's dedication to supplying high-quality ground support  equipment for essential services like the USPS in its mission of supporting the nation's infrastructure and logistics needs.

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