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JBT B650 Pushback Tractor

The JBT B650 Pushback Tractor is designed with efficiency, reliability, and durability in mind. It is capable of handling all regional jets, narrow body aircrafts, A300/330, A350 (non-snow/icy operational areas, one engine running), B767/787 families in most weather conditions.

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Mercury GSE is among the most experienced and fastest-growing Ground Support Equipment provider in the aviation industry. For over 46 years Mercury has been providing top-tier GSE rentals, leasing, sales and support to cargo, ground handling providers and airlines all over the globe. Based strategically near Los Angeles International Airport (K-LAX) and equipped with a state-of-the-art maintenance and production facility, Mercury GSE has the resources and equipment needed to support your aircraft on the ground. Mercury is committed to providing your organization with the highest standard in equipment quality, unrivaled customer service and maintenance support. Mercury’s services will equip your company with the equipment and team necessary to ensure your ground operations run successfully and uninterrupted. Call Mercury today to put us to work for you.

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This division, which is based close to LAX, CA, handles the rental of ground support equipment to the aviation industry all over the world. Our large inventory of in-stock equipment available for long term rent allows us to offer start-up operations and ground handlers the right equipment for any aircraft at very affordable rates.



Mercury GSE provides full maintenance rental of ground support equipment to the aviation industry worldwide. Our inventory of GSE is available for both long term or short-term rental to both start-up operations or seasoned aviation companies. The right equipment for any aircraft is available with customizable solutions for you. Call or click for GSE rentals now.

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Leasing and Finance

Leasing / Finance

Mercury GSE offers long-term leasing and financing options on all GSE. Leasing equipment allows you to acquire needed operational assets with minimal initial expenditures. Our equipment leases rarely require a down payment and you can obtain the equipment you need without significantly affecting your cash flow or affecting your capital budget.

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As part of our worldwide distribution capability, Mercury sells equipment from America’s finest ground support equipment manufacturers, including JBT Aerotech (FMC), TLD America, NMC Wollard, Tug Technologies, Clyde Machines and Wasp. We sell refurbished GSE and continuously maintain a vast inventory of “like new” equipment that can be delivered to clients on short notice with a finance or leasing contract attached.

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Leasing and Finance


Mercury's mechanics are among the most experienced in the industry. Mercury provides same-day response times for equipment breakdowns and outages should they occur and next day shipping and turn-around times for equipment swaps should the problem not be able to be fixed. Mercury provides phone consultations for equipment troubleshooting. Custom tailored maintenance and service plans are available to ensure optimum uptime on GSE fleet assets.

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