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Honoring Our Veterans

Our commitment to veterans shapes our company culture and the way we do business.

At Mercury GSE, we are deeply committed to our veterans, recognizing their dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering service to our nation.

We are proud to have several veterans on our team, including Gordon Duncan (USMC), David Defnet (USMC), Adam Spencer (USN), Jesse Lanier (USMC), Milton Arevalo (USN), and Aaron Forbes (USAF). Their experience, discipline, and unique skill sets greatly contribute to the success of our organization. Our company is enriched by the presence of veterans who have transitioned into the civilian workforce.

Mercury GSE military veterans presented with the Mercury GSE “Pride. Service. Honor.” shirts and banner to honor their service. Pictured left to right: Mercury GSE CEO Jason Gendron, Mercury GSE team members David Defnet, Gordon Duncan, Adam Spencer, Jesse Lanier, Aaron Forbes, Milton Arevalo, and Mercury GSE President/COO Bob Travis.

Mercury GSE: Honoring Veterans with Every Turn

At Mercury GSE, we are passionate about honoring our veterans. What better way to showcase our commitment than with a specially wrapped pushback tractor? We will be rolling out a JBT AeroTech B250 Pushback Tractor with a striking design that pays tribute to our veterans and stands as a symbol of our unwavering support for those who have served our nation.

JBT B250 Pushback Tractor Specially wrapped to our veterans.

Honoring Our Veterans: Pride, Service, Honor

Mercury GSE is proud to showcase specially designed decals featured on our Ground Support Equipment as a tribute to our veterans. We are immensely proud to demonstrate our unwavering support for veterans in a tangible way. Look out for our special veterans' decals on Mercury GSE equipment going out into the world.

Pride. Courage.Serrvice. Decal on a JBT Commander 15 Cargo Loader.

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Mercury GSE Secures Historic Agreement with JBT AeroTech

The signing of largest order since the pandemic reaffirms Mercury GSE's dedication to providing top-tier equipment.



The 2023 International GSE Expo in Las Vegas!

Mercury GSE Attending International GSE Expo in Las Vegas



Mercury GSE Announces Large Scale Brand Initiative

The brand update reflects Mercury GSE’s delivery of premium service and unrivaled support.



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